In the packaging industry, innovation is key to offering efficient and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, choosing the right material is essential to protect and present products; and carton packaging is a technique that has greatly changed the way products are protected and presented. 

At Frimaq, leaders in the sector, we have found cardboard as the perfect ally for our packaging machines, since it is a versatile and increasingly used material.  

benefits of cardboard

First of all, it is a material strong and durable, capable of protecting products during transport and storage. Besides, is light, which helps reduce shipping costs and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 

One of the main advantages is its sustainable nature and respectful with the environment. Cardboard is a renewable material, as it is obtained from responsibly managed forest sources. 

In addition, it is a recyclable material, which means that it can be recovered and reused to produce new packaging. By using cardboard with our packaging machines, we contribute to the circular economy and the reduction of waste. 

Another advantage of cardboard is its versatility. It can be used to package a wide range of products, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and electronics. To adapt to the specific needs of each client, our machines are designed to work with different types of cardboard and produce containers of different sizes and shapes. 

our machines

At Frimaq, we have created different packaging machines specially designed to work efficiently and precisely with cardboard.

One of the ways to carry out cardboard packaging is with our automatic and semi-automatic cardboard traysealers . It is a process in which you already have the cardboard packaging, and heat and pressure heat sealing is carried out with a film lid, to protect the products from moisture or possible damage. 

On the other hand, we also have cardboard thermoforming machines that allow you to create the containers and trays where the products go from a cardboard reel, and then heat-seal them.

cardboard container

If you are looking for a form of packaging that combines quality, versatility and sustainability to offer your customers, any of these machines are the perfect choice for you.