Frimaq committed to sustainable development

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The commitment to sustainable development and the protection of the environment it's something of who we are companies everyone and what should concern us.

We continue betting on the development of machines in an ecological way, manufactured from recyclable materials. The benefits of using recycled materials are as follows:

  • Consume less energy

Recycled raw materials do not have to be extracted, refined or processed because once recovered they are ready for use.

An obvious example is aluminum. Using recycled aluminum can save 90% energy compared to having to mine virgin ore. Although the same happens with other materials, such as plastic that saves 70% energy or glass that saves 40% energy.

  • Natural resources are conserved

If we manage to recycle the raw materials, we can use them to make new machines and avoid disturbing the ecosystems to obtain these materials.

  • They represent an economic benefit in waste management

Using recycled material means saving money.

  • We contribute to improving the environment
  • We reduce production and work hours

We reduce the production process of raw materials for the manufacturing process of machinery

  • energy is saved
  • The useful life of the materials is increased
  • Reduction of emissions and pollutants

At Frimaq we contribute by making the path to sustainable development easier.

The type of machine that best suits your business will depend on the sector and the type of product packaging

When developing new packaging machines we strive to combine the required performance with efficient operation, keeping the energy requirements of the machine as low as possible. We reconcile the use of recyclable materials with the fulfillment of all the requirements and needs of our clients in terms of quality, properties, capacities and size of their packaging.

We contribute every day to improve Frimaq's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helping our closest environment and the planet.

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