In the packaging industry, the industrial heat sealer It is an essential tool for sealing and packaging products quickly and efficiently. It is a machine that uses heat and pressure to join two sheets of plastic together and create an airtight seal. In this article, we will explore in depth what a industrial heat sealer, its characteristics and benefits, as well as the different options available in the market.

What is an industrial traysealer?

An industrial heat sealer It is a machine designed to seal and package products in large volumes. It can handle different types of plastic sheeting, such as PVC, PE and PP, and create hermetic seals in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the industrial traysealers They are powered by electricity and use a heat source, such as a sealing bar or hot air heating system, to seal the products.

Characteristics of an industrial traysealer:


  • Ability to handle large volumes of products.
  • Designed to work in industrial and high production environments.
  • Control of temperature and sealing time.
  • Safety devices to avoid accidents.
  • Variety of sizes and sealing shapes.
  • Constant and high production speed.
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Benefits of an industrial traysealer:

  • Greater efficiency in the packaging process.
  • Reduction of labor and production costs.
  • Greater precision in sealing and product presentation.
  • Hermetic seals that ensure the quality of the product.
  • Adaptable to different sizes and shapes of products.
  • Saving time and energy.

Types of industrial traysealers:

There are different types of industrial traysealers, each with specific characteristics for different types of products and production needs. Some of the most common types are:

  • Continuous band heat sealers: Ideal for long and narrow products, such as chocolate bars or medical products.
  • Rotating arm heat sealers: designed to seal large and heavy products, such as food bags or boxes.
  • Tray heat sealers: used for products that require vacuum packaging, such as meats and cheeses.
  • high speed heat sealers: Ideal for mass production and small products, such as pills and tablets.