Select one of the different types of packaging containers

At Frimaq you can find more than 200 types of packaging containers for thermoforming and heat sealing. It is a technique of molding materials that is used to create different types of containers for packaging. It consists of heating a sheet of materials such as PET or PVC with a heating element. In this way, it becomes much more malleable and it is possible to shape it in a mold. The last step is to cut out the different containers.

On the other hand, the heat sealing technique consists of welding two materials from the family of thermoplastics or similar. It is a method of closing containers by applying pressure and heat power to a plastic film fabric. This process is done using a machine called a heat sealer. This action is also often known as heat sealing and protects from viruses or bacteria.

If you are looking for complete and customized solutions in the section of industrial packaging machines for your company, you can find them at Frimaq. We adapt to the needs of your company. We offer a wide variety of packaging machines capable of prolonging the useful life of the product while automating tasks. This achieves great productivity and saves a great deal of time.

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